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Dog Training Classes

Your dog is one of a kind. Whether you are working on puppy potty training, socialization, distraction proofing or leash manners, I  have the class for you.

Outdoor Group dog training – We’re back!

Town of Cary group dog training – We’re back!

Private lessons for your dog – – We’re back!

Private Board and Train- We’re back!

Outdoor Group Dog Training Classes

Classes for 2022!

Outside - plenty of room to social distance. Masks Optional.

Hilltop Needmore Town Park & Preserve

Pay by check at first lesson.

Basic Dog Obedience

Location: Hilltop Needmore Town Park & Preserve


Waiting for a full class.  Contact me if you are interested or look at the Town of Cary classes listed below.

Learn the importance of being your dogs leader using positive training methods. Teach your dog to:

  •  sit
  • come
  • stay
  • walk on a loose leash
  • leave it
  • watch

Mask required until you reach your specific training spot, then masks optional.

Loose Leash Walking

Ongoing, come as often as you like

Location: Hilltop Needmore Town Park & Preserve

ONGOING in 2022

Sundays 1 – 2 pm

$15 per class or 5 classes for $65*

*Includes one free Public Manners class

This class is limited to 4 dogs per session so there can be plenty of time for personal assistance.  Learn how to get your dog’s focus, how to best handle the leash and the dog, how to stop your dog from lunging and pulling.  This class includes one free day in the Public Manners walking class.



Join us at any point in time and attend at YOUR convenience! It is a “come when you can class”

Contact Me

Public Manners

Ongoing, come as often as you like

Location: Hilltop Needmore Town Park & Preserve

ONGOING in 2022

Sundays   2:15-3:15

$15 per class or 5 classes for $65

Does your dog pull on his leash or lunge at other dogs, but otherwise walks nicely? Attend any five sessions that work for you for our PUBLIC MANNERS class where we meet in local parks out in public around real life distractions. Attend the hour long classes where we will work on Sit, Down, Stay, ‘sit to be greeted’ and polite walking around people, dogs, bikes, kids, skateboards, cars, joggers, hamburger wrappers, SQUIRRELS and such! Jump in and join us any time! We meet every weekend. 

This class is excellent for shy dogs that walk well on a leash as this activity can really help build their self-confidence. As well, this class is great for those dogs that get a little rowdy in public and need to learn more self-control. It takes a real commitment to your relationship with your dog to achieve reliability under a wide variety of conditions. 

private Lessons For your dog

We are having private classes during COVID.

Please contact us for availability.

One time private consultation

$135 per 90 minutes (consultant travel time included). 

A private one time consult in your home, the dogs normal environment, allows for quick learning and progress.  This type of service is ideal for dogs who are basically well behaved but have a specific issue or two that needs attention to restore harmony to your home. Some things we have worked on in the past are:

  • ill mannered dogs at the front door
  • not eliminating outdoors consistently
  • having  “pack” issues with siblings
  • pulling on the leash
  • jumping on guests

This service is also perfect for the first time dog owner, a family acquiring a new dog from a rescue organization or someone adopting a puppy who wants to get started on the right foot.

Weekdays, weeknights and weekends are available. Click below to get on the waiting list.

kids on couch with puppy

Private lessons

4.5 hours in 4 sessions for $340

A private training program can be set up just for your family and your pup.  Typically we do 4 one hour sessions in your home and teach you how to work with your dog in your environment.  The dog improves their manners and you learn how to communicate clearly with your companion.  This is frequently the choice for the following:


  • new puppy owners 
  • new adoptions,
  • introducing a new dog to a home that already has a dog.

Weekdays, weeknights and weekends are available. Click below to get on the waiting list.


Private Dog Board and Train

Currently scheduling.

Do you want your dog trained but don't have the time to do it yourself?

Going out of town for a few weeks?

Why not leave your pup for training!

dog on leash with owner

This is for the dog owner who is too busy to properly socialize a puppy or a rescue dog or a family going on vacation that wants the dog to have a crash course in training while they are away.  If this sounds like your life, then this is a good option for your dog.

This training option is when you pay the trainer to do the work for you.  The  amount of training that can be completed is totally dependent on how long we have your dog with us. It is totally customized specific to your wishes and needs but can include:

1. Obedience: Sit Stay, Down Stay, Come when Called, Heel (Walk without Pulling) and Paying Attention to you even with Distractions.

2. Breaking Bad Habits: Jumping-up, Excess Barking, Running through the Door Without Permission, Digging and Chewing.

3. Instilling Good Manners: “Go to Your Place”, “Back Away”, “Excuse Me”, Waiting at Doors, Sitting for Dinner.

4. Socialization: He/She will learn how to socialize properly and have good manners with other people and dogs.

5. Specific issues resolved for your dog.

Your dog will stay in the trainer’s home (a house and a yard), not a kennel.  When the training is finished, you will receive a lesson on how to handle your dog and motivate him/her, so you can continue his/her training.  You will also be welcome to call me at any time after the lesson if you have any problems or questions.  This option includes your attendance in a group class after the board and train at no cost to you plus as many sessions of our Public Manners (walking in public) class as you wish to attend.

The cost for this service is $700 each week or $110 a day for shorter stays.

I only take 4 dogs at a time so space is very limited.

Call me to reserve your spot at 919-414-6181

TOWN OF CARY Group Dog Training

Classes are indoors. (Masks are required by the Town of Cary)

Basic Dog Obedience

Bond Park

Six lessons 7 – 8 pm

November 2 – Dec 21st

except no class Nov 22.

Learn the importance of being your dogs leader using positive training methods. Teach your dog to:

  •  sit
  • come
  • stay
  • walk on a loose leash
  • leave it
  • watch

Casco - Robina's dog

Distraction proofing for dogs

Bond Park

Six lessons   8-9 pm  

November 2 – Dec 21st

except no class Nov 22.

This class will improve your ability to control your dog in unexpected situations. In addition, you will learning how to get your dog’s attention without food in your hands! By adding distractions & practicing commands off leash, your dog will improve self-control and make outings more fun.

This class is NOT  for resource guarding dogs as motivators are heavily used and NOT for fearful, anxious or antisocial dogs. The dog must have a motivator (food, toys, praise, play). By adding distractions and practicing commands off leash your dog will improve self control and responsiveness. The goal is to have the dog focus more often and reliably on the handler. 

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