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I am a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. I have been a dog lover all of my life and trained my first dog when I was only 12 years old.  After over 20 years in corporate America in the software industry, I felt like I needed to break free from the corporate life.  I decided to devote myself to training canines and educating owners on how to create a positive relationship with their pets.

I completed an intensive six months hands-on training program to solidify my dog training knowledge.   I graduated from K9 Solutions Academy in 2009 where I participated in kennel operations, private in-home consults, and taught group classes. I also volunteered at Saving Grace Rescue for two years where I saw the stress that rescued dogs are under and worked to help them acclimate to their new environment.  I have a unique approach that I have developed through years of personal experience and research.  I will teach you how important your body language can be to get your dog to comply and understand your commands. I will also make sure you have a chance to apply what you are learning throughout the process whether you attend group, semi-private or private sessions.

Following my passion as a second career is truly a blessing.  I am excited to meet you and your dog for my next training session.

Robina Thornton

Robina Thorton owner of Dream Dogs
Casco & Trey on the dock
Casco & Trey on the dock

My Pack

Casco - Robina's dog


Casco is a lab/hound mix with a white blaze and white boots on his black body.   He is a handsome boy born in May of 2014.   Casco has more personality than any dog I have ever known.  Always ready for any game and very nosey and mischievous.  These character traits can get him into trouble on occasion!

  He keeps his younger brother – Barley – in line and likes to roughhouse in the yard.

Barley a puppy


This absolutely adorable puppy is the newest addition at the Thornton household.

Barley is 5 months old and an Australian labradoodle from Lake Blue Australian Labradoodles here in Raleigh.  He is perfect (but don’t tell Casco).  I am trying hard not to spoil him.  He loves running in the yard with his brother and watching me cook with his attentive puppy eyes. 

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