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Proven reward-based dog training that ensures a harmonious life for you and your dog!

-serving Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Fuquay Varina and surrounding areas-

Dog Group Training

I teach different group classes to suit your needs in Cary and surrounding towns in NC.  The purpose of these classes is to teach your dog basic obedience and basic manners. Read More

Dog Private Training

Private training is great for addressing specific problems that can only be addressed at home.  Getting one on one attention is the quickest way to getting to the dog of your dreams.  I come to you in Cary or any town near by and train in your environment. Read More
Casco - Robina's dog

Dog Board and Train

Do you have a new dog? Are you going out of town and want some quick training for your dog? Set your dog up with board and train.  At my home your pooch will work on the manners that you are most concerned about.  In addition, good doggie manners will be reinforced by me and my pack. Read More

Join my Public Manners Class

Do you enjoy walking your dog?

Or does your dog pull on his leash or lunge at other dogs?

Then, this class is for you!


In this class we will work on Sit, Down, Stay, ‘sit to be greeted’ and polite walking around people, dogs, bikes, kids, skateboards, cars, joggers, hamburger wrappers, SQUIRRELS and such!


Every dog should have a 30-60 minute controlled walk every day!  According to the American Kennel Club, dog walking creates a balance between your dog’s emotional and mental health.  This class is outside and helps you and your pooch have a happy and controlled walk.


Classes meet on Sundays.  Hilltop Needmore Town Park & Preserve. Come any Sunday for class.  Your 5 pack of classes does not need to be consecutive weeks.  

How Much?

Buy a 5 pack of classes for $60 – or $15 each class individually. Each class is 60 minutes long.


This is what dogs and their owners' have to say about Dream Dogs!

Obedience 101 was a lifesaver for our new rescue dog and for us; the class was excellent. Robina is a fantastic teacher!
Joe & Wilma - Raleigh, NC
“We are extremely pleased to have Dream Dogs on-site to offer our clients an opportunity to work with their dogs.  The class offers a wonderful variety of basic commands to improve the bond between dog and owner”.
Dr. Maxine R. GilveyDVM Veterinarian, Practice Owner, Parkway Animal Hospital in Cary
Robina is a wonderful coach and dog trainer.  She was especially good with my 9 year old daughter who wanted to take the lead with training our dog.
Margaret & HarleyGroup training
I would highly recommend Dream Dogs Obedience and Public Manners classes. My dogs and I had wonderful experiences. The rewards of a well-mannered, obedient dog are priceless!
Judy, Laney and NickyGroup Training
Great dog teacher and dog sitter
Reuben TalbottGoogle Reviewer

The Dream Dog Training Philosophy

Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog for doing something correct, she will repeat it.  If you don’t reward your dog, she will not know what you want her to do.  Simple, right?  But we don’t always think about it.  Instead of yelling “No” when your dog does something wrong, have you thought about catching her do something right? Do you know you are training your dog every second you are with him/her?  If you don’t pay attention to what you are teaching your dog, you could end up training your dog to jump on you, whine for attention, and run away when called!

Relationship Building

One purpose of training is to create a bond with your dog that will last a lifetime.  Not only are you training your dog to be obedient, but you are also training them to be a member of the family.  A dog is not called “man’s best friend” for no reason.  Training with your dog brings a sense of accomplishment in you and your happiness gets felt by your dog.  Your dog will love this training process and the direct result will be a happier dog and family.

Honesty and Integrity

I do not guarantee any kind of results with your dog. Why? What am I paying you for, you ask?  The thing is that any dog trainer that is guaranteeing results is not honest.  You get out of dog training what you put into it.  If you do not practice the techniques with your dog daily, you will not see results.  This is just the truth.  It is just like signing up for a Weight Watchers class.  Signing up for the class and going to meetings does not mean you will lose weight.  You have to commit to making the lifestyle changes that Weight Watchers recommends.  The good news is, if you practice my training techniques you will see results!  I will show you how to motivate your pet with treats, praise and toys that gets results!  Practicing the positive dog training techniques daily will be rewarding – both for you and your dog.

Tools for Success

I have over ten years of experience as a dog trainer and a lifetime of experience as a dog owner.  I have worked/volunteered in rescues, veterinarian offices and throughout various towns as their expert dog trainer.  I know what methods work and which methods create more anxiety. I recommend very little equipment in dog training, but the equipment I do recommend is humane and safe to use.  For example, for classes I require a six foot flat leash – not a retractable leash.  I have heard of many cases where a retractable leash created a dangerous situation either for the dog or the owner.  The biggest reason not to have a retractable leash is that it teaches a dog to pull! This is one of the main skills we work on in class.  How to walk nicely together.  When you sign up for my class I will have a list of recommended equipment – not only training methods.  I want what is best for you and your dog!

Ready to get started?

I can't wait to start training with you and your dog!

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